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Tailored solutions and consulting services from a select group of veterans in the Bitcoin field that specialises in complex business challanges.
Why Bitcoin?
Cryptocurrencies present numerous business opportunities, and as the largest of them, bitcoin has accumulated a dedicated community around it that continues to develop new features and support bitcoin-using businesses.

For merchants, bitcoin offers a way to eliminate chargeback fraud, reduce interchange fees, and become a hub for a thriving and affluent community.

Savvy investors armed with the correct tools and industry knowledge stand to realize incredible gains. Payment industry startups are constantly finding new ways to utilize Bitcoin’s revolutionary blockchain technology to change the way we move money.

Find out what our specialized skills and proprietary technology can do for your business.

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We Are Teachers

Draw on a comprehensive knowledge base held by professionals who are patient, experienced, and attentive to your needs. We train individuals and groups at all levels of expertise.

We Are Builders

We’ve been through the process of building for the bitcoin community. Our experience and connections can help you pull your idea off the drawing board and into the real world.

We Are Researchers

Understanding the bitcoin market requires an essential intersection of knowledge and hard-won experience. We leverage our time in the industry to provide you with valuable business intelligence.

We Are Consultants

As a trusted advisor, a technical resource, or a business strategist, we can provide crucial support at any stage in your growth cycle. We’ve been there; we can help you avoid pitfalls and learn from our mistakes.

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Business Model

Business Model
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The business territory occupied by cryptocurrency is still largely unexplored. Fortune favors the bold, and that means trying out new methods and ideas.


At its core, bitcoin is an exercise in distributed trust among individuals who will never meet one another. We value trust deeply and will work to earn and keep yours.


We maintain a laser focus on the ways in which we can add value to your products and services. Your business is the star, and we’re waiting in the wings to help you shine.


We maintain the strictest code of confidentiality and security protocols at all times when dealing with your business’s data and sensitive information. Alconet has never had a security incident.


You deserve a partner who is as serious about your business as you are; we are that partner. Whether you need us to follow orders or take charge, we’re ready to do what has to be done.


Technical know-how is only a part of the equation. We value and actively cultivate human connections that can be tapped to help your business at crucial turning points.

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